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HBC430 Creative Programs + Consulting

Our team is passionate about art, advocacy, and justice and strive to create meaningful experiences that have a lasting impact.

About Us


At HBC430 Creative, our goal is to provide tailored services that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our clients are individuals and businesses committed to co-creating a just and equitable society for Black and other marginalized people. 


Hi. I'm Maryam.


I am a proud native of High Point, North Carolina, though I only actually lived there a short time. My family is from the coastal Carolinas going back generations but my father being in the military and my mother being a college professor took me all over the country very early. I was priveleged to be a student of varied dialects, rich histories, and constantly changing social dynamics. I found Black people everywhere are under the thumb of the same systemic oppressions.


In defining my role in the fight for equity and liberation I realized I am not a kick down the down activist.  I am, however, dedicated to being a tool for people and organizations that are. This sometimes looks like theater infused focus groups, technical writing and editing, retreat planning and white boarding communications strategy. While, I have my own set of special skills, I realize there are people who do some things better, finding those people and connecting them with projects is also a talent I developed for many years and have added to my business model. For larger projects HBC430 partners with established Black and Hispanic professionals to create the best possible system of support for our clients.

I have had the good fortune of collaborating with a diverse range of individuals and organizations, from school systems to the National Guard, from the prestigious Kennedy Center to local street corners.  

Client partners have included:


US National Guard

DC Public Schools

United Planning Organization - Freedom Schools

Beloved Community

Baltimore Arts Council

Department of Small and Local Business Development (DC)

Black Girl Digital

Hurston/Wright Foundation

THEARC Theater

Project Create

Senegalese Forum Theatre Festival

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts

Black Artists on the Move


and a slew of individual artists and emerging businesses. 

I look forward to supporting radical initiatives that go beyond American academic standards and create innovative ways to protect, galvanize and empower historically undervalued communities.



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