"My work is about giving voice to the unheard, and reiterating the voice of the heard in such a way that you question, or re-examine, what is the truth."

-- Anna Deavere Smith

Our services are designed for small businesses, organizations, artists and social entrepreneurs using creative strategies to promote positive social change. With special interests in programs, initiatives and art centering anti-racist agendas, deconstructing oppressive systems and, generally, improving the standard of living for Black youth and families.

Mission & Vision Planning

Growth Strategy Planning

Development & Capacity Building

Program Evaluation & Reporting

and other business planning services

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The Solid Ground Ensemble

The Solid Ground Ensemble exists to create original theater experiences for audiences that incorporates devised theatre and the spontaneous retelling of audience experiences.

Our productions at their core incorporate music, comedy, drama, poetry and movement to create safe spaces that inspire community dialogue and enrich our audiences, on stage and in their prospective communities.

We support grassroots organizations and other companies through fundraising, training and qualitative data sourcing. Ask us how.

∙The ensemble is available for:

Performances ​and Fundraising Events

Performances vary from 60 minutes to 120 minutes

Creative Development and Leadership Workshops/ Trainings

Workshops vary from 90 minutes to full day retreats

Testimonial/Survey and other Qualitative Data Collection

Plans are designed based on organizations needs, generally between 9 months to a year.

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The Solid Ground Theatre Ensemble

Maryam is a social entrepreneur, advocate and artist. As the founder of HBC/430 Creative Programs & Consulting, she supports the sustainability, vision planning  and program development of small creative businesses, artists and grassroots initiatives. This work centers the integration of creative fundraising, program development and other creative strategies into work that fuels organizational culture and policy shifts as they relate to Black people and those at their intersections.

In 2014, Foye founded the first Playback Theatre company of all women of color in the US, Solid Ground Ensemble (formally, The HBC Playback Theatre Ensemble).  The ensemble works with grassroots movements to collect and turn community stories into qualitative data to support policy and organizational culture shifts.

In 2016, she opened the Den | Reading Room and Artist Exchange, an incubator for artists and entrepreneurs that identify as people of color, women and/or children. Foye collaborated with local government, grassroots organizations and creatives to provide mentoring to emerging artists and service based minority businesses. Foye sunsetted the Den on December 31, 2018 to relocate HBC's primary base to New Orleans.

Maryam is also the founder of the TribeFestDC convening, now Tribe.430. Tribe.430 was a multi-day artist lead convening where creatives, residents and community leaders are invited to converge for positive social change.  The convening is expecting to travel in 2022 as an artist lead art for social impact training tour.

Other accomplishments include, but are not limited to; a commissioner appointment by Mayor Muriel Browser to the Commemorative Works Committee. An ongoing international exchange project existing in four countries, over 380k in grants for small businesses and creatives since 2018 and  a 'Hometown Hero' award on ZipTrips by Fox 5 news for community engagement and advocacy.

While Maryam is extremely proud of her body of work, her most exciting gig is being a mother to her six year old son, Josiah.

Maryam is available for speaking engagements, small group planning/ working sessions and ensemble building. Contact Maryam.

Tel: 504-882-1911

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