Art allows us to see connections, where most are taught there are none, these connections help us to bring about a more empathetic and just society.

The process of incorporating art/artists or other creative strategies into your business and movement work can assist in achieving impactful community engagement, data collection and donor support. 

HBC/430. works to support creatives, organizations and movement workers as they develop their vision, partnerships and programs to push forward organizational culture and public policy shifts.

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Maryam is a social entrepreneur, cultural strategist and community advocate. As the founder of HBC/430 Creative Programs & Consulting, she supports the growth, programming and sustainability of small creative businesses, artists and grassroots initiatives. Her work centers the integration of creative thinking and art into work that fuels culture and policy shifts as they relate to Black youth and families.

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Our services are specifically designed for artists and social entrepreneurs using creative strategies to promote positive social change. With special interests in programs, initiatives, art centering anti-racist agendas, deconstructing oppressive systems and, generally, improving the standard of living for Black youth and families.

Mission & Vision Planning

Growth Strategy Planning

Development & Capacity Building

Program Evaluation & Reporting

and other business planning services

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