About HBC/430.

Our Story


HBC/430. Creative  Programs and Consulting company started as the HBC Theater Company in 2011. The mission evolved to include program development, theatre productions and  other community centered creative programs.   


In 2014, we established the first Playback theatre ensemble in the country composed of all women of color. 


In 2016, we opened the Den | Reading Room and Artist Exchange, a performance venue and micro business retail incubator for emerging creatives, educators and entrepreneurs that identify as people of color, women and/or children. The Den housed over forty minority owned businesses, hosted over 120 workshops and performances in its three years of operation. Foye collaborated with local government and residents to provide mentoring to emerging artists and service based minority businesses. The Den closed its doors after three years of service on December 31, 2018.


What evolved was the 430 Creative Consulting initiative. Data collected from  patrons, businesses, artists and other partners has been used to inform our most recent work, supporting the growth and sustainability of arts organizations, artists and other community centered businesses.

We evolve as necessary and it always feels right.

Tel: 504-882-1911

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