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Instinctive Theater


Theatre Infused  Research

Instinctive Theater: A Qualitative Data Resource Tool

I see myself as not a typical theater person, but a person who uses the theater as a place to meet people and explore ideas. -Anna Deavere Smith


Guiding Thoughts​

  • The lived experiences of Black and other marginalized people should be better used as a tool in the fight for Black liberation, equity and justice.

Instinctive Theatre (IT) was developed by HBC430 founder, Maryam Foye. The method uses the following performance components:  

  • Devised Theatre

  • Spontaneous Theatre

  • Ritual

  • Participatory Action Research tactics


Our events seek to answer questions such as: 

  • What do the participants need?

  • What is actually happening?

  • How is this issue affecting the individual? The family? The community?

  • What resources do they currently have?

  • Who do they trust?

The different forms and techniques in Instinctive theater allow for a diverse range of storytelling and audience engagement. From short forms to long forms, physical expression to spoken word poetry, these techniques provide opportunities for both the performers and the audience to explore various perspectives and emotions. Through these forms, Instinctive theater creates a unique and immersive experience that encourages dialogue, collective understanding and a commitment to creating archives of truth that will support the changes needed to uplift their standard of living.

Let's work together to bring Instinctive Theater to your community or organization.

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